Breakfast Set


If your event involves a welcome breakfast or second day, our breakfast set is perfect for these tasks. We will bring fresh cheesecakes, pancakes, and casserole in the morning. All you have to do is put our breakfast trays on the table, brew some coffee and your morning is done.

Composition of dishes:

1. Cheesecakes Classic, 10 pcs 

2. Vanilla pudding with berry sauce, 10 pcs.

3. Creamy croissants, 10 pcs.

4. Coconut milk mannik with ginger and lime, 10 pcs 

5. Sour cream

6. Berry sauce

7. Honey sauce with nuts.

8. Fresh berries

All dishes are already beautifully arranged and conveniently packaged. Dedicate your morning to socializing with your guests and enjoy freshly prepared restaurant-quality food.

We only buy from time-tested suppliers. Every day our buyer goes to Food City and selects the freshest berries, food and beverages for our takeout buffets and banquets. Takeout Banquet Company has been delighting guests for 10 years with our exclusive dishes designed specifically for events. These dishes are characterized by ease of use, bright style and taste.

*We recommend ordering meals 24 hours in advance of your event.