Vegetarian Set

The veggie set is bright vegetables with cream sauce, crispy toast with green butter, baked cubes of deep-fried cheese, and classic chickpea hummus with chili-based sauce and coriander. All of these will arrive at your party in neat boxes that can be placed immediately on the table.
Ordering canapés and appetizers with delivery is easy. Put your favorite dishes in the cart and place your order.
We cook everything just for you. We do not keep in stock products, and buy fresh for your order. This gives you a guarantee of quality. All meals are prepared overnight on the day of shipment.

  • Falafel -14 pcs.
  • Crudite vegetables
  • Dip fry cheese - 12 units
  • Toast with green butter
  • Blue cheese sauce
  • Chili dressing with fresh coriander
  • Hummus